Our solution to save energy !!

The static frequency converter to upgrade your can body welders.

  • Control and monitoring functions on 3 circuit boards.

  • Low switching frequency give a low machine warm up.

  • Power semiconductors are mounted on water cooled copper base plate. 
  • (no corrosion)

  • Water valve regulates the water flow trough the base plate for power semiconductor. (no condensation)

  • Closed control cabinet IP66. (no copper, steel or powder dust in control cabinet)

  • All welding Parameters can be adjusted on machine control panel.

  • Easy interfacing for Soudronic, SMAG and FAEL welders.

  • World wide are over hundert FRECON in operation.
FRECON 202 installation on Soudronic welder VAA-K
FRECON control panel on Soudronic welder FBB 400 / 500

FRECON diagnosis 83 on Soudronic welder FBB 5501